There’s no business like Snow Business…

Earlier in the week, I placed an ad encouraging anyone with a snow day or two to come and see me, instead of wasting it away watching Jeremy Kyle…

However, if I’d have known then what I know now, I might have thought twice!

A friend of mine called me on Tuesday asking if we were having the mental snow that the media was reporting. No, says I, looking out of my window…merely a dusting. I laughed it off, and thought nothing of it until the next day, when I realised I really needed to get some shopping in.

And thats where it all went wrong! There was a definite blanket…a duvet, if you will, of snow. So naturally, I skidded on the ice, bashed my car up good and proper, and ended up having to scrap it. It’s ok though, I bought it out of necessity and at the last minute for Christmas runarounds – it was dirt cheap (cheaper than a rental, which was the other option), and frankly I never trusted it anyway. The fact that I managed to bash into a parked car going at about 5 miles an hour and have half my left wing fall onto the ground without any resistance just makes me think I got off lightly. Thankfully, no one was hurt, the other car just got a smashed light, and everyone agreed that I was the one with the real sucky deal!

But thats not the worst of it, that was just the catylist! After being a little shaken up, I called a friend of mine for an emergency drink, and when I got to the pub, I realised I had 2 buttons missing from my coat! My favourite ever coat, and they’re probably being crushed at this very minute at the breakers! Boo!

But thats not even the really bad bit.

That came when I caught a taxi back to my house, was walking in front of the headlights to get my keys out, and promptly fell straight on my arse.

Now, as padded as my arse is, it’s still not quite prepared for 20+ stones of Pure Babe being thrust straight upon it on the ice.

There was the perfect comedy pause between me stacking it, and the taxi driver opening his window.

Him – ‘Are you ok?’

Me – ‘*sigh* Yep.’

I got up, with the tiny amount of dignity I could muster, and went home to lick my wounds. Or at least take some paracetamol. I knew, just knew it was going to hurt in the morning.

And I wasn’t wrong!

My coccyx is well and truely battered and bruised. And I still never got to tesco’s! So I don’t think I helped it yesterday by going to the shops (my god, what a slow walk that was. I wore wellies too! Dont ever say I’m not into rubber…) and bringing back supplies for the next few days.

And typically, I’ve been getting calls all day for appointments over the weekend! So my plan of resting on the sofa until it all goes away has given way to tidying, trying to figure out how to get in the bath without actually sitting in it, and large helpings of ibuprofen.

I feel bad for not enjoying the snow more…it’s a rare event, but Im just too worried about slipping up in it again and doing even more damage! Still, it could have been worse, and knowing my luck, Im amazed it wasn’t!

So if you are having a bit of a stressful time of it, you have my full sympathies! Now, get your wellies on and lets get warm and not-so-comfortable!


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