The rest is silence…


Thats better.

Peace and quiet!

I don’t know why they say this is the season of peace to all men, cos I’ve had bloody none of it! Between racing between various family and friends, shops and sales, christians and curmudgeons, I’ve also been trying to get a car, scrap my old car, and do appointments.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially when relying on public transport 😦 So alas, I’ve not manage to make it to everything – so sorry if you’ve tried calling and gotten no answer! Blame the several christmas dinners & drinks 😀

But now it’s all easing up. I’ve also found a car, you’ll be pleased to know! It’s not much, but I needed something to bomb around in for the last couple of weeks, and this one was cheaper than a hire car! I know I have to look for something a bit more suitable – smaller, for a start. I have no idea what 1.8 cc’s do, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need them all. I’m impressed if it just comes with electric windows…

So thats the first new years resolution. Get a Proper car for Proper people. And try not to destroy it.

Easier said than done.

As for what I’d like to achieve in this year, well..there’s a lot of personal stuff, but ‘profession’ wise, Im not so sure. I did a lot of my Big Things last year (the parties, driving, new york, touring) so there’s not much left I’m afraid..I can only think of the practical things that I need to do anyway – Do pictures, update website, blog more, work more at advertising… so I’m afraid I’m going to have to be very dull, and just plod onwards in much the same way.

As much as I’d love to tour to Manchester and Glasgow, I have a bee in my bonnet of needing fixed appointments to be there for. Unless enough people register their interest, I just wont do it. So, anyone in any other areas than London should email me at and at least let me know you’d like to see me, even if no one else does. Hint – bloody – hint.

Plus, january is always a good time to make a booking because I inevitably end up with a bundle of bath stuff which needs to be used. Thus ensuring pleasant, fragrant, smooth, silky skin all over! Though I’ll think you’ll find thats no change from the norm 😉

So lets see what the next decade brings in. I know what I want, but not necessarily what I need…lets hope we all get a good mixture of both.


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