When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and..in my car!

There’s a road I drive down occasionally, and it’s next to a massive private estate in the country. This place is seriously huge, and on each end, it’s accessed by two massive archways. One has a lion on it, and one has a five legged stag.

Now, once you’ve gotten your minds out the gutter, I’ll explain further. It’s actually got 5 legs, not 4 legs and a long..er…manhood. Apparently, the Lady of the Manor could see the stag statue from her window, but couldn’t see the fourth leg, so insisted the sculptor put another one on there that she could see. He couldn’t take the original one off, because that would have left a nasty scar, so the stag was ‘blessed’ with a spare.

Which goes to show,  money doesn’t automatically equal sense

I’ve driven down this road many, many times and never noticed. It was only when the driver of my vehicle recovery van told me as we drove down…with my poor car trailing along behind.

Yep, I too have fallen foul of the Bad Winter Car Fairy. (Thats the official name for whatever beastie climbs into one’s car at this time of the year, and makes sure the whole thing stops, without any reason whatsoever. He works without reason, but with plenty of malice!) and at approx 5pm on Monday, I broke down spectacularly at the edge of a roundabout.

After an hour of waiting in the cold, the breakdown man finally arrived and proclaimed my poor Rover dead at the scene. When asked what may have caused this shocking act of carslaughter, he declared ‘Well, it’s a Rover, innit!’

Very helpful.

Needless to say, the whole thing was pretty stressful. From the waiting, to the policewoman who randomly came over to offer no help, but just wanted to check out the details of me and my defunct car. Plus all the wine, cards, and Christmas presents were all in the boot as I was on my way to deliver them to friends and family…so I had to turn up empty handed as they were currently being kept in some random garage for the night! Everyone was very understanding about it, and -like me – shared the relief that it decided to cease up whilst I was stopped, rather than at 90mph on the M3.

So here I am, no car and running low on Christmas spirit.

Until I see a shining star, a glimmer of hope…a holy of holies!

A review!

Yes..a new one!

Can you believe that?! You wait 5 years for a review, then 2 come along at once!

That, my dears, has cheered me up no end 😀 So thank you Mr Latvian, it’s always lovely to know what people think, and better still when you’re feeling miserable and in desperate need of a bit of cheering up 🙂

Here it is! – http://www.punternet.com/frs/fr_view.php?recnum=95018

(And true, the bathroom’s small and pretty rubbish. A constant bone of contention between me an my landlady –

Me – If you knock out the wall between the loo and the bathroom, you can double the size!

She – If I knock out the wall between the loo and the bathroom, the flat will be unusable for a month.

Me – Oh…..D’oh!

So I make do….and then I run away and hide from it. Im desperate to paint it, but I can only reach the top bits if I put a stepladder in the bath, and as I value my legs, I shan’t be risking that just yet. Still, I may put on my DIY hat and sort out the shower curtain rail at least. That thing falls down on a near daily basis. Ahh…those New Year resolutions just keep lining up!)

But it’s nice to be described as having a bit of cheer! The problem is, I use my blog to vent an awful lot of spleen…so you out there in blog-land get a very wonky view. I’m not always having a moan..honest!

Anyway, I’m currently on the search for yet another car (I’ve killed 4 in my lifetime*. And 2 motorbikes.) so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to squeeze in another update before the Big Day! So let me just wish you all a fantastic Christmas – May Santa bring you lots of pressies, and the Doctor Who finale be as amazing as it’s hyped up to be!


*Actually, thats not altogether true. During my first attempt to learn to drive many moons ago, I was donated a clapped out ford fiesta. Anyway, the learning went by the wayside, and the car stayed in my parking space acting as nothing but it’s own ecological system. I was 18, and was far too busy being 18 to do anything about it, until a mechanic friend of mine turned up one day and took it away to a life of – what turned out to be – splendour and glory! He started the battery, and got it running enough to sell on to someone who wanted an old banger for his son who did banger racing. That car won him so many races, they had to have an enquiry and check the engine to make sure it hadn’t been souped up! Which it honestly hadn’t. I didn’t like it because  was a rusty blue colour…


4 Responses to “When the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and..in my car!”

  1. Christopher Jenkins Says:

    Hey, great blog!. How do I subscribe to your RSS feed to ensure I get notifed when you make new posts? Thank you

    • Miss M Says:

      Hi Christopher,

      I have no idea! I’ve added an RSS widget, but I dont know how you’d use that on your site. Im guessing just get an RSS feed, and put the blogs URL in it. Or you can fill out the email box on the right, and you’ll get an email to let you know..

  2. Forrest Says:

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?Thanks

    • Miss M Says:

      Ummm….will have a look, but can’t promise anything. Is there anything on the email that asks you to unsubscribe or anything?

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