We’re having fun, sitting in the back seat…

I did an outcall over the weekend to a place in South London. The gent I went to see was very nice, very polite, and even walked me down the stairs to an awaiting taxi and gave me a kiss and hug before I climbed in the car.

Blackfriars bridge was shut, so the traffic was a bit of a nightmare, so the taxi driver and I decided to shoot the breeze about life, the universe, and everything..

Whilst I didn’t go into the exact details as to why I was there, I was happy to say the guy was the result of a night out the evening before. (This can explain a multitude of sins – scruffy hair, smudged make up, skewiff stockings…not that thats how I tend to leave anyway – I have perfected my ‘slag-bag’ packing to a fine art, which includes a hairbrush and my civvies – but I’ve done enough ‘walk of shame’s in my life to remember how it feels.)

We had a fascinating hour long conversation, with lots of questions – not overly personal, just a real interest – and as I left, he said ‘Cor, after all this, I bet I know more about you than that guy back there!’

Hah! Alas, he’ll never know how right he was 😉


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