Lethal Bizzle

Today I made steps into a New Career.


Now, you must understand that I love my current one. Pleasuring the men of the world is not something I shall leave with ease, but not one I think I can do forever. Unfortunately 😦

However, as todays steps are tiny by comparison of what may – or may not – be the tidal wave to come, I shouldn’t panic just yet. There’s still a lot of studying to do, and Im sure Ill need pocket money throughout all of it. Though, seriously, as I still need to meet with someone to actually tell me where I can even start looking for the right course, I’d say we were still nicely at Def Con 5. The ‘Everything’s fine!’ Def Con.

Im still not entirely sure if I can. But it’ll be cool if I do!

If I can’t, I’ll just have to go to my back up plan from when I was 12, and be a bounty hunter.


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