Now that you’re here, tell me I’m a non believer..

So Im sat in the lobby of my hotel, waiting for the shuttle to take me to the airport. I’d have love to have fitted in one more round of escargo, or a trip around the Louvre, but there just wasn’t time.

However, I know don’t think I’d be adverse to doing a tour here! Not speaking French doesn’t help*, but I think enough people who visit my site from here must speak English anyway to be able to get to it – if you see what I mean.

Anyway, one for the drawing board I think.

It was far too short notice to make this into a tour, and I just wasn’t here long enough to do anything useful. Plus I love being a tourist anyway, so I’m more than happy to wander the streets with myself for company and see if I can spot any competition other BBWs…which I couldnt’.

I guess expectations have a big part to play – I was so up for New york, and left disappointed, and didn’t think much of Paris, but have been having a whale of a time! Everyone’s been very friendly and helpful (when they can understand me), and the transport system is great! New York’s subway is buried miles underground, with hardly an escalator in sight, pretty dangerous looking, and damn hard to get to grips with. The metro here is a bit more like London’s, only a lot nicer, and a hell of a lot cheaper! I’m staying on – what I call – the piccadilly line, cos it’s blue.

Plus the favourite occupation here seems to be ‘sit in a cafe for prolonged periods of time, eating and drinking.’ Why, thats my favourite hobby too!

Well, must dash, shuttle will be here soon and I have a bundle of Euro’s burning a hole in my pocket, desperate to be spent on duty free…

Au revoir mon petit pois!

*Although everyone’s been very kind about it. After ordering ‘Un crepe avec jambon et fromage’ at the Palais de Challoit, where you can get a stunning view of the Tower,  the vendor told me my French was very good! Not so when asking someone at the Metro station for directions to my stop..they decided the best thing was to throw me a map. You lied to me crepe vendor, you lied!


One Response to “Now that you’re here, tell me I’m a non believer..”

  1. Brandy aka "Kinky" Says:

    Well, you were missed. Glad you had a wonderful time, but welcome home.

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