Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?

Ahhh…yes…Ok, rule no #1 of NaHoBloPoMo is you can have the weekends off’, as Ive managed to miss the second one in in a row. Bugger..

But, if it helps, it’s for a very good cause.

I’m in Paris!

Yes, Paris, France. That Paris!

Im on my first international outcall. I don’t really advertise myself as ‘international’ because the fallacy that men pay for you to travel all over the world soon exposed itself like a pervert in a park.

The only way you get to travel abroad is if you do it under your own steam as a tour. And when anyone calls me up, saying they’d like me to come to such and such, I usually smirk, tell them how much it’ll be for travel and accommodation, and hammer the final nail in by letting them know I’ll need that first. Then never hear from them again…

Until now. I’m not usually lost for words, but when the gentleman involved said ‘Ok, ok..here’s my credit card number…’ I was a bit stumped!

After a bit of a mad time trying to get the deposit, accommodation and travel sorted, I was left with 24 hours to get ready for my first ever trip to gay Paree!!

And here I am! I had lots of fun last night with a lovely admirer of the curvy lady, and have spent today sightseeing and trying to shop (they’re not so forward thinking with the plus sizes here 😦 )

It’s absolutely stunning, I’m really enjoying it! I didn’t think I would, Paris has never been on my top list of places to go, and after getting a bit bummed out at New York (which was at number 1) I wasn’t expecting too much, but have been pleasantly surprised!

I know I want to write more about it, but am shattered. Its been a bit hectic over the last couple of days, but Im sure Ill catch up on it tomorrow when Im back home 🙂


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