And a place for everything.

I’ve always been of the opinion that cleanliness is next to godliness – erratic, rarely seen, and bordering on the fictional.

Yes, I abhor the hoover, pooh pooh the polish, and dispise the duster. So it amazes me how much I end up doing it…

Fortunately none of my clientele ever get exposed to this side of me because my working flat is very easy to keep tidy. There’s very little there, and lots of storage space for ‘filing’ things away. Unfortunately, bits n’ peices have strated to creep in.

I’ve left CD’s over there, books, magazines, various foodstuffs….It’s time for a clear out.

I spent yesterday clearing out my wardrobe in a desperate attempt to fit in all the stuff I bought from NYC. In with the new, to ebay with the old! So, now that I have a half empty wardrobe, I can fill it with stuff from my work flat! Hurrah! Thats how I roll, baby…a space occurs, I fill it with crap.

So thats my project for today – but it’s so hard to have some get up and go, which is possibly why I’m writing about it and not actually doing it. It’s a grey, miserable day…and the last thing I want to do is trundle around car parks in the rain carrying boxes of stuff.

So yes, I’m procrastinating and seeing if the grey moves on – which we all know it wont. So I expect I’ll end up watching season 2 of Chuck, and fantasising about Adam Baldwin….with handcuffs.

Oooh! Exciting news though, may be doing some more pictures on Saturday with some of the outfits I picked up in the states now they’re all properly sorted…So watch this space!




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