NaHoBloPoMo – I gotta have faith…

Now, you may have noticed I’ve been a little..uptight in recent postings. I’ve had a couple of stressed out months, making each annoying call or rude punter seem a thousand times worse.

But there are times, like these, when I just feel so lucky to have the gentlemen that I have come and see me.

I had this realisation in New York, and felt a pang of pity for the WGs out there when some guys literally do just want to be nothing more than ‘serviced’.

I, however, have returned to a full days work of lovely polite guys who understand that appointments with Ladies Like Us are a privalege, not a right. Yep, I know that sounds arrogant…after all, they pay, we work. Hmm, not quite so. After all, I vet men as soon as I start talking to them, not everyone is guaranteed an appointment. And there are certainly the few that wont be invited back.

But when they come round, and worship one’s bottom the way it was meant to be worshipped, or offer such creative, imaginitive, you-can-do-that-all-day head, then my faith in punters, and this job,  is restored.

In other news, I may be a bit late joining in, but I’m going to attempt posting everyday throughout November for NaBloPoMo. Otherwise known as National Blog posting month. Only because this is a certain type of blog, from a certain type of Lady, I’m starting it as Na’Ho’BloPoMo. See what I did there? It means I can change the rules to start the month on the 4th, and give up any time I please.


One Response to “NaHoBloPoMo – I gotta have faith…”

  1. David Says:

    Hi Melody,
    Well, I don’t really DO blogs, and for all that I’ve read a few, they are usually boring and self-indulgent, and not really very entertaining to anyone except perhaps the writer and his/her drunk mates.
    Not so yours. I wandered on to your site sort of by accident, because I love big girls and it seemed an interesting thing to do while listening to my (I’m sure you’ve been there with your interest in music – some say it’s better than Spotify, although I can’t decide. Just in case you haven’t – go immediately to and start your own radio station Melody FM or summat…) (and no, this ISN”T an an ad for!)
    and anyway, where was I? Ah yes,
    I was just saying what an EXTREMELY INTERESTING blog you write.
    Nicely put together with the heading and everything too, are you an IT professional in another life?
    Sadly, we might never meet, as I already have my own delightful BBW, although maybe I should sign up for your extreme-last-minute left-in-the-lurch special offers, as I work in Camden and we might just find ourselves thinking the same thing one day. Otherwise, I’ll just have to keep my eyes open in Kentish Town for a voluptuous redhead (or is that strawberry blonde?) buying milk and catfood…
    I will, however, join your blog fanclub and become a watcher, but not in a creepy way. Honest.
    David x

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