Talk about speaking too soon!

So yes, the lovely people at moonfruit have given me 6 months free. However, in order to do so they had to cancel my current subscription. The day AFTER I just paid for a new month!

But someone hasn’t told the website people that. They just think I’ve stopped my subscription, like the naughty little minx I am, and appear to be unaware of any freebies. So now ALL my sites are down… Escort ones, personal ones, Real Life work ones. Everything. Gone.

My emails have gone too, as thats all tied in to the domain name malarky.

And no, my site is still not up because yes, it still wont recognise my domain name.

Basically, the whole thing is a mess. Ironically made messier still by their attempts to help me.

I’d just be a little more happy if I could call someone. Like in the good old days. Remember them? When you called someone, they knew what you meant, and they fixed it? Now it seems you have to email, find that ‘due to an unusual amount of enquiries, you may have to wait up to 48 hours for a response’, only to be met with a question about your circumstance. You answer it, only to find out that yet again ‘due to an unusual amount of enquiries, you may have to wait 48 hours for a response’.

Or, in the case of fasthosts, you have a 24 hour manned line…..based in the phillipines. So whilst I have the comfort of talking to someone, I still have to wait until nrmal office hours to actually do anything. Even then, I still have to ring the same number, only this time, it might just send me on another magical world adventure…to madagascar.

This has all come at a mightily bad time. On the eve of really pushing out some NYC advertising, trying to grab all the spending money my grubby little paws can carry, and advertising a Pretty Awesome Pretty Big Escorts Christmas Party…

Yes, my head is meeting my desk repeatedly, and at a pretty damn speedy velocity.


One Response to “HEAD::DESK”

  1. Brandy aka "Kinky" Says:

    Hey Tarty,
    Sorry to hear you’re having website problems. Especially just before NY. What a crock. If you can’t get anything sorted in the next 24hrs, ask Anjali. She’s like Wonderwoman and she’s cheap. Or at least sort something out with her when you get back. She answers her emails a damn sight quicker than your lot in outer Mongolia. She hosts my site and Saafe amongst others.

    Good luck.

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