I don’t know if it’s just this year thats been a particualrly bad September, but I have now realised that September is my least favourite month. By Far. Which is a shame, cos I love October (falling leaves, smell trees, halloween..Mmmm!), but I’m beginning to think half of that love is just releif that September is over.

Septembers sucks because –

Thats the time you go back to school. Im not a parent, so I dont have that releif that they’re gone. I just remember being at school and hating the end of the holidays.

Daddy Long legs. I hate them. And they just explode in September, to be nothing more than sider food and a royal pain in my arse! They fly at you, weaving and wafting through the air, and make you feel so impotent because even though they;re only flying 2 yards an hour, they’re wafting around so much like total loosers, that you miss anyway! Then they just sit on your window, waiting for a spider to eat them. Gargh!

New Diary dilemma. I’ve always used academic year diaries (mainly cos they were free from the students union back in the day) and its so hard to ween off them! I go through it every year. Should I get a new diary? Or wait until the new year when all the spiffy ones come out and risk three months of diary limbo?

Official end of the summer. No more festivals, beer gardens, beach getaways, long sunsets, BBQs, holidays…thats it, it;s over. What little we had of it anyway.

And this September has just been particularly made ven more rubbish by the amount of copycats I’ve had, and people resorting to petty gossip. I’m so glad there’s only another week to go!

October brings much more mirth and merriment. I’ve got about 3 halloween parties to go to, 2 books I’ve been really looking forward too, and – of course – the all important New York Tour!!!

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop moaning/ranting/venting my spleen 😀 We can only hope..


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