Grey Matter

Ok, I don’t normally use this space to moan. So I’m going to hide a moan behind some advice instead…

1 – When booking an appointment, make sure you’ve seen the website first so you don’t end up insulting a lady by trying to haggle. We know you’ve seen it, thats where you got the number.

2 – You pay for the time, and that time alone. There is no extra time. Do not book it ‘With a view to…’ anything. You book that time, you pay for that time.

3 – Make sure you have the Cash there ready. We don’t take cards or cheque.

4 – Yes, the time it takes for you to go to the cash machine and come back does come off the total amount that we’re there for.

5 – Make sure you know what you want to do, and what the Lady accepts doing. I say it time, and time again…we are not mindreaders!!! Saying ‘Hey, lets do what YOU want’ is like walking into a supermarket, going to the counter and asking for £10 worth of food. You have to have some idea of what you want..

6 – ..and when you find out the Lady is not submissive, and has not mentioned ANYWHERE in her site ANYTHING about submission, do not moan at her for not being creative. There are special escorts out there who specialise in submission. I am NOT one of them.

7 – When you’ve heard this for the 3rd time in the evening, do not then suggest the Lady wears a blindfold whilst the bag containing her earnings is still in the room. In fact, do not ask her to wear a blindfold whatsoever.

8 – No, I will not continue trying to get you hard whilst you keep ignoring simple common sense, just cos you’ve taken too many drugs.

9 – Yes, Im fine with you taking drugs. But please, when I’ve already told you I don’t partake for serious health reasons, dont slip a bit on the end of your cock when you turn away to turn the lights off, so I only notice when it’s hit the back of my throat.

Yes, tonight was one of those nights I should have just walked out on. But because I’m a pro, I stuck it out. However, the minute my two hours was up, you can bet your arse I was out the door. And isn’t it funny that professionalism is a quality that can be admired by the people who know just how bad the amatuers are, except for when you’re dealing with someone who’s obviously used to taking advantage of their naivity.

Ive spent the days pimping myself out on a website basically built for amatuers, and Im sure that where he must have got my details – The Site That Dare Not Speak Its Name – as some people, you can tell, are just so used to manipulising people and taking advantage of their naivity. Fortunately, I am neither naive, nor made of plasticine. I am made of sterner stuff.

And that, dear hearts, brings me to my final peice of advice. We DO reserve the right to say no to any activities, and if you don’t beleive me, you might just be the one who finds themselves hundreds of pounds out of pocket just because cos you didnt use the brain god gave you.

Here Endeth the Lesson.

You stay classy, San Diego.


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