Flying in the face of science…

I have sinfully been ignoring my blog duties of late, and for three very good, very genuine reasons.

1 – My cold. Fortunately it’s totally gone! I am clear of head and free of germs! This is great not only for the health of the rainforests (as I go through balsam tissues by the fistful), but also because I can now blog without being off my nut on Beechams and Night Nurse. Which means that..

2- My ‘secret’ plan has been carried out. If you’re on the ball, you may have spotted it. It meant I had to get new pictures this week, and unfortunately they look awesome, but I can’t really post them here cos then you’ll know my secret-plan-which-probably-isnt-that-secret. Anyway, it’s all for a good cause because it means I can spend more time looking after people who need looking after.

3 – Amanda Fucking Palmer! Oh yes, my current obsession has been in town this week, filming, touring, playing and generally bringing some much needed Brechtian Cabaret style to the dull streets of London. Not only that, but her boyfriend Neil Gaimen- the other obsession in my life – tagged along! So yes, I’ve been in a viscious cylce of going  to the gigs, recovering from the gigs, going to the gig…And last night I was fortunate enough to go to a secret midnight one where – after several very large glasses of wine – I finally plucked up the gumption to ask Mr G for a photo. And I got one! And a hug 😀 After ten years of greedily lapping up every word he’s written, I think I deserved it…

So basically, Im back in/on the game, and ready to go. No more slackness, I promise. I will be a good little floozy and answer every phone call 🙂


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