These are the days when you wish your bed was already made…

Sorry, I have to do some mad apologising for basically being massively flaky this week to anyone who’s tried to make an appointment. But strange things are afoot..

Ok, they’re not massively strange, but they were predicted by the gorgeous Claudia of Manchester when she did my tarot reading at the Curvy Girl Party! Between her and Derren Brown diddling the lottery (Derren diddled the lottery, Claudia only diddles people who ask her nicely..) , things are looking very spooky indeed!

But this week has been tricky. I was on the verge of breaking out into a cold on Monday, dashed out for all the First Defence and echinicea my grubby hands could carry, which still didn’t stop it from fully breaking out on Tuesday. Bluegh. So I’ve been trying my best to shake it off since then. Today, I’m feeling a lot more human, and might possibly make some kind of Big Decisions.

I know…those are dangerous things to do when you’re ill!

I blame the fact that I have’nt been able to do much, other than eat soup and read girly magazines.

Anyway, a bit cryptic, I know. But my heads still full of cough n’ cold, so Im going to have to think on it a bit more.

But for now, I’m going back to bed…


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