It never rains, but it pours…

Well, what a week I’m having of it.

Thanks to a very observant gent, I have also discovered another cheeky so-and-so using my pictures! My photographer was pretty pleased with himself, but I’m afraid my patience had just worn too thin by this point. Fortunately, justice was swift and both profiles in question were deleted pretty quickly.

I think it’s absolutely dispicable how some working girls do the whole Bait & Swap thing. It really gives the rest of us a bad name, and to have my pictures used in such a way really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Especially as this woman had also written on her profile that she was 41, and a size 18…so I have no idea what she was thinking using pictures of someone nearly half her age, and twice her size. Clearly, a chaps going to see it’s not the same chika in the pictures. Am I the only one thinking thats slightly mental?

But still, after 4 years it’s not too bad to only have had 2 copycats. But if anyone does see any of my details where they shouldn’t be, do feel free to email me at

So now I need some serious stress relief! Anyone feeling up to the job?  😉


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