Best Form of Flattery?

So, after a lovely Bonk Holiday weekend, I awoke this morning to check emails, forums and message boards to see the news and views of Escorts Worldwide…when what should I spot, but a familiar verse that could have been written in by my very own tapping fingertips..

Hang on a minute, it was written by my very own tapping fingertips! Yes, some cheeky minx basically copied and pasted my services page into an advert for herself! Now, I’m not naive enough to realise that certain words and phrases aren’t going to re-occur over and over again in this biz, but to have have a whole page copied and cut minorly here and there with her own details is just a little rum.

Not only that, but most of the added sentances don’t even make sense….my moment of literary glory has been butchered. So even if I did point out the offending article, there’s every chance someone could think those insane moments of garbled babble are mine…

Well, it may have been that she accidentally pressed ‘copy’ whilst looking for inspiration on my site, and when it came to writing up the advert, she inadvertently pressed ‘paste’.  Still, I’m more than happy to point out her little misdeameanor, and I’ve been sure to take the credit for it. Apart from the babbly bits. Those are all hers…

Although this is the first time it’s happened to me, I’ve – alas – seen it happen to other people, and could always understand how annoying it is. Those are good words, ones I slaved over for hours, wondering how to put them in the right order…how to sound sexy, but not sleezy. Funny, but not goofy. I pondered the phrasing, and chewed it over for ages on how to sound safe, sane, and just an enjoyable person to be with. Thats my body she’s describing, and my personality. Mine, mine, mine!

It’s just a ridiculous thing to do. If you can’t be bothered to put the effort into making your own profile, or getting your own pictures taken, then maybe you’re in the wrong business….

*sigh* Aaaaand breathe…….



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