Is it really so strange?


– Hi, I’d like to make an appointment please, for half an hour?

No problem..was there anything specific you were looking for?

-Well, I’d just like to try your services.

Yep, thats fine..but if you want anything specific, just let me know in case I need to get anything ready.

– Ok..well..I’d like a bit of everything really.

In half an hour?


(pause) you mean you want GFE?

– I’d like your services.

Seriously..I dont even know if you’re telling me you want something specific, or just GFE. My services, after all, are wide and varied, and I can’t really fit them into half an hour

– Oh. Really?

Ok, no problem, I’ll start with the cock & ball torture, move on to squashing, trampling, before smothering you, we’ll throw in a quick bit of thrashing your arse till its raw, and maybe finish up with some watersports.*

*Im not saying those are bad things…it’s just that one mans pain is anothers pleasure..


-Hi, I’d like an appointment for 6?

I’m really sorry, but I’ve got a booking for 6 already, how about 5?

-I can do 5.30?

Perfect, half an hour ok?

-Well, I’d like an hour if possible.

Ok, but like I said, I’ve got someone else at 6…

-Can I come for half an hour, and possibly move it to an hour if you get more time?

But I probably wont have more time, because I have someone coming at 6. I can try and move them if you definitely, definitely want an hour.

-Hmm..well, I’d like to see how we go with half an hour, and possibly stay for longer. dont know if you want half an hour, or an hour?

-I’ll see how it goes. want to see how it goes, even though I have more appointments to book in for this afternoon?


No Problem. I’ll just start warming up the Tardis…




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