All dressed up and ready to go…

I really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning. After checking my bank statements, I discovered I’d been charged for some random internet purchase. It wasn’t anything big, but it did mean  I had to call several people…in Germany. And as per usual on warm, muggy days when you think you’ll get away with it, my washing got rained on. And now my best friend has just called me to say her card was cloned, and some lovely scally out there has taken a jolly from Birmingham down to Bournemouth. Which has ended up casting her £1500….mind you, her bank said she was covered for it, but I hate to think of the hoops she’s going to have to jump through to get it back…

And right now, I’m all foxed up with no one to play with thanks to a no-show 😦

I’m trying to get some kind of mailing list together, so that at times like this, I can invite people to come over if they want a quickie, rather than having to give me the usual couple of hours notice. So, If you do want to know of such occasions, just send an email to 🙂

Ooh! But the good news is, I finally had my hair cut. Again. It’s pretty nifty, and certainly managed to chop a fair whack off, perfect for days like yesterday when it was sweltering! And I couldn’t resist some colour…so it’s kind of a deep plum with flashes of red. Very vixen-like..

And yes, I will try and get more pictures!


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