The devil makes idle hands do really, really stupid stuff.

I have literally spent three days solid staring at my iphone in awe and lust.

My eyes have gone square from looking at it, but don’t worry – I’m sure there’s an app for that.

I’ve also had a lot of fun sniggering at the many Private Numbers calling me and getting my decisive – but instructive – ‘Please dont call me on a private number’ message. Oooh, it just comes with such warm, fuzzy feelings!

Speaking of lovely feelings, my seamed stockings arrived yesterday! I was convinced I couldn’t find any that would fit my thighs, but I’ve just tested them out on a very appreciative gentleman this afternoon, and they worked wonders! Though I’m sure I helped out a little.. đŸ˜‰

Ooh! And I was so tempted to get a copy of Harris’s List from Borders today! I think mainly because I’d be really interested to see if there were any BBW’s in there (Only, I guess they’d be Big Buxom Wenches), and to see what their speciality would be. Whilst I don’t profess to have any speciality myself (other than being rather large and lovely), I do know the kind of thing a lot of guys like to do with a buxom beauty…so I wonder if things have really changed all that much?



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