I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a plenty…

Warning – gadget post. This’ll only be sexy and interesting to a real minority of people out there…

Me included.

Tomorrow is All Change, because I just found out I can upgrade my phones a month early! This is brilliant for two reasons. One: I get a brand spanking new Apple iPhone for my own personal use and Two: I get a very businessey looking Nokia E71 as my work phone! Emails on the go, people!

I’m opening up to the world of Internet In My Pocket. The fact that I only seem to look at the same 5 websites has crossed my mind a little, but the iPhone is so sleeeek, so seeeexy, and if I’m in one of those typical predicaments where I need to find out how to make a Mojito in a hurry, theres an app for it!

But having had a play on my very sensible, very businessy friend’s E71, I’m actually a little more excited about getting that one. Mainly because it has a little widget that allows me to filter off unwanted callers. So…if I think someones a bit of a dick, they go into the dick catagory, and when they call again, they’ll get put through to the ‘I’m afraid you’re a bit of a Dick!’ message. Or, if they’re calling from a witheld or private number, they’ll go through to the ‘Oi! get a proper number, you numpty!’ message. And I can still keep a normal message for normal people. All recorded in my softest, sexiest voice. Maybe.

Now tell me that’s not a gadgetry marvel!

Of course I’ve wound myself up and ended up in so much of a tizz, I can’t sleep.


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