Zen and the art of hairstyle maintenance…

And they’re up! Finally!

Only a few for now, don’t want to spoil you all 😉

But a lot of people comment on how my hairstyles vary. And yes, yes they do. Seeing as everything else about me pretty much stays the same  – except for a few extra pounds here and there (somewhere, in a cupboard, is a picture of me getting thinner, and thinner…) – I tend to keep the old ones up. Cos they’re nice, and I like ’em. No other reason.

But my hair varies from week to week. Mainly because it’s the follicle equivolent of adamantium. My families hair has survived decades of dye, bleach, crappy home perms, proper perms, curling, crimping, straightening and chemotherapy. Like some weird kind of hydra – if you cut one strand, two grow back in it’s place.

Everytime I go to the hairdresser with some snazzy style I want, she looks at me with sadness and pity, and says ‘I would dear, but I think your hair’s going to be too thick.’

So everytime I manage to get something done to it, it’s back to normal within a couple of weeks. Plus I just get bored of it. It’s default state is Bushy Brown, so I end up at my local hairdressers, begging for something with more va-va-voom….before it inevitably goes back to normal within weeks.

Even now, after just putting new pictures up, I’m contemplating getting something new done. How pointless is that?!

Anyway, I’m not sure how it’s happened, but the new ones appear to be attracting a lot of bum worshippers. Not that I mind at all – I like my bottom, and it’s only appropriate that other people do too. It’s just strange having a whole cluster of them at once. (What would you call that? A booty of bottom worshippers? A buttock of bum fans? A flank of facesitters?). I guess that, like tubes, you wait ages to get a seat, then 4 want you to sit on them at once.


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