Draw back your bow…

Check me out, I’m on a roll! Had another date last night – so that’s my second in two months. – amazing! I don’t ‘date’ too often. It’s always a litle awkward, but this had been set up by a mutual friend who had just started working with him. And, fortunately, it went a lot better than the first one..

Apparently, in a little conversation they were having about types, he openly professed to loving Big Girls – and who can blame him?

So my friends eyes light up at this, knowing he’s single, I’m single…cupid’s bow is definitely within her grasp.

Which just goes to show – if you say you like pretty big girls, you’ll find a pretty big girl!

Unfortunately, a lot of people have a major problem with the first hurdle, and don’t realise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking a lot of junk in the trunk.

We had a lot of laughs about this, and how he gets set up with more girls than any of his friends because there’s a fair few single BBWs out there, and that none of his friends have anything bad to say about his preference. And why would they? But it’s a refreshing change to meet someone who’s not ‘in the closet’.

But I doubt it will go much further than staying friends. He’s a little young for me to be honest.. I have a real thing for older guys, and he’s a year younger than me, which really doesn’t sit well. I need a bit of maturity, independance and life experience to delve into and explore. Besides, I feel like there are BBW’s out there who could benefit a lot more than me by having a guy like that by their side to boost their confidence and self esteem. So, I’ll set him free, back into the wild…



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