Just a quickie..

Just a couple of quick Parish Notices this evening…

I’ve finally selected the pictures I want to use and should be putting them on the site in the next 24 hours – although I suspect I’ll put a couple that didn’t make it to the finals on my blog. If only for pure comedy value! I don’t photoshop any, just crop them into a decent size. Alas, my photoshops skillz begin and end with the header you see at the top of this page – and even that took me about an hour to do! What’s all that shizzle about layers?! I’m an MSPaint girl, through and through.

I also think I’m finally ready to get back to work after my camping ordeal. My back did not take too kindly to The Ground, and after several days of complaining about it, I’ve finally persuaded it that it’s superking mattresses and fluffy pillows from here on it. So now I can lie back, bend over, kneel down and get myself into all sorts of enjoyable positions without fear!

And finally, the builders have at last retreated! So no more banging, drilling or noisy interruptions. Unless it’s from yours truly 😉


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