I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way…

…Jessica Rabbit

Today, I promise, I will do some pics.

The main delay has been trying to find an outrunner from the poll! It’s seriously been neck and neck between clothes on/clothes off/burlesque for a looong time. But I’ve decided to leave it to sudden death, and finally someone clicked a button to give me a winner! Yey! And Photographer should have the day off today, so he can come round, take pictures, and join me in eating babybels and drinking wine. Excellent.

And if you don’t beleive me – here’s a shot taken this morning…


Drilling is still continuing, and doing my head in. It makes it really tricky to pick a time for visitors, but they seem to be taking off around 3.30, which isn’t too bad. So afternoons and evenings only for this week, and hopefully back to normal after Friday!

However, a friend of mine has a spare ticket for Camp Bestival up for grabs, and I’m contemplating skiving off down to Dorset for some fun in the (not quite) sun! It’s almost like a real festival, only at Lulworth Castle, so members of the WI tend to join in. Thats not really a bad thing, it means I can get jam tips, and cups of tea. It’s all a lot more civilised than the others. But I’m not sure if I can really be bothered yet. I guess I should. You only live once – and the scrumptious Will Youngs playing! Along with the geeeeenius Scroobius pip & Dan Lesac. Oooh, decisions, decisions…

Anyway, I need to call Photographer and make sure he’s not hungover.



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