Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye…

Just found out my flats not available this weekend. The neighbours – who have pretty much been non-existant since forever – have decided to do some drilling. And not the good kind! So ear shattering screeching is currently penetrating every wall, and making the glasses shake like a randy T-rex. Apparently it could go on until Tuesday, so I’m taking advantage of this enforced break to escape down south to the seaside.

Not exactly great weather for it, I’ll grant you. But fortunately this does all co-incide with a mini reunion of sorts, where I can once again practice my formidable improvisational skills when people ask me about how the ‘Old Career Path’ is going. Then wait for the inevitable love life questions. And so, with some deft manouvering of subjects, they will leave convinced I’m in a twee little job, for a modest amount of cash, whilst living the life of a virgin spinster with too many cats. Fortunately for me, the only true bit of that is the too many cats thing…

I’m also – and this is just between us, k? – really very much looking forward to a Torchwood: Children of Earth marathon!

I tried to catch it when it was being broadcast last week, but I missed loads of episodes, and just haven’t had the time to sit and watch it on Catch-Up. But I, and several other very geeky friends, have a whole day of it planned. And I can not wait! We have snacks, we have wine, and we have more than enough hormones between us to last 5 hours of fawning over Captain Jack.

I shall see you on the other side.


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