Flight of the Escorts…

I’ve only just had a birthday, and already I feel like I’m knocking on a bit…

I bought my glasses into my working flat from my car for a bit of ‘Saucy Secretary’ action the other day – I only wear them whilst driving, and totally forgot to take them back with me. Bt am feeling pretty grateful after just spending half an hour squinting at my computer screen!

Or maybe a certain old wives tale is true, and I really will go blind! I’ll have to start looking out for hairy palms next.

So things for my New York trip are looking very exciting indeed! I’ve just found a lovely looking holiday apartment to rent out for the week, and am just waiting for the letting agents to get back to me and confirm the details. One of the problems I’m having is trying to figure out just where the centre of New York actually is. London’s pretty small, that as long as your in zone 1, you’re pretty much a-ok, but as a native, thats easy for me to say! I’m sure many americans will tell me that New York is just the same, but on googlemaps, it looks so big.

At the moment, I’m aiming Times Squarey/upper west sidey kind of places. But I think anywhere next to a subway is gonna be the aim 😀

One things for sure, I’m going to update my pics and get them up asap. Speaking of which, my poll has been (in my opinion) a massive success! With a whole 15 votes (as of last count) being cast! 15!! So I’m going to leave it open for a couple more days, and close it after the weekend, with a view to take some snaps next week. If I can pull my photographer away from Big Brother long enough.

Haven’t cast your vote yet? Do it now! It’s close running, and I’d love to get a clear winner.

Or maybe I can just do it in my socks…cos y’know, when I’m wearing my socks, you know what time it is? It’s business time!

Thats why they’re called Business Socks.


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