Busy doing nothing, workin’ the whole day through..

It’s Monday, and I’ve finally recouvered from my birthday celebrations. Lots of fun was had, and I was particularly touched by the flowers one of my regulars bought round after reading my blog – aw! (But I’m not sure if I’m more thrilled by the flowers, or to find people are actually reading!)

After a very fun Saturday, I ended up spending most of Sunday having a massive clear out. When I first started using the flat I do for work, the room was completely empty. This was great for me, because it meant I could great a Super-uber sized bed, and general stuff I had in storage which needed a home anyway. But it also meant I had to get New Furniture Quickly…and where do we go for such treasures? Thats right my little stroudels, Ikea! Needless to say, they pretty much started falling apart from day one. The drawers were always sticky (I got so peeved with one of them, that I just may have tugged on it a teensy bit too much, so I had to just stick on the facade with sticky tape, as the board had somehow fallen into my own delicate hands!) and the wardrobe needed a ‘knack’ to get it shut. Thats never good.

So after a week of not being able to open the one last final working drawer, I caved and bought a non-ikea set.

It was delivered on time, and fitted in nicely – even opening the room up a bit as they’re smaller than the last ones. But what I hadn’t accounted for was the amount of crap I’d stuffed into my drawers and wardrobe, and promptly forgot about! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it;s that I can stuff/wriggle/pile/cram any amount of rubbish into even the tiniest of spaces. What I thought would take me a couple of hours, took all day, and most of the evening….then I had to figure out what to do with the old stuff!

Que one friend, one drill, and two trips to the dump. Dismantling a cheap ikea wardrobe is like setting it free..it’s almost what they were designed to do! Collapse.

So a day off today whilst I tidy through the remnants, and rest my aching legs after all the lifting, stretching and carrying. But back to work tomorrow, and a chance to try and work out my new camera. Whatever happened to the days when you could just click, and shoot? This one insists on telling me it’s detected a face…well, no sh*t, Sherlock!


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