Start spreading the news…

Whats this? I hear you cry…


Yes, it looks like I might be trying it again. A New York Tour is on the horizon. The very shaky, not quite sure horizon…

Basically, I’m looking for an adventure this Christmas, and thanks to some lovely friends it looks like it’ll be taking place in the Big Apple. So I’ll be starting some advertising, and seeing if I get any interest. If I do, I’ll be happy to give it another shot!


So, if you;re one of the lovely people who have reached this page by searching for BBW escorts in New York, then why not hit me up with an email ( telling me what a very marvellous idea it is for me to come to your city, you don’t even have to make a booking, just say hi and register your interest. Ok??

So, now for the will be –



I’ll be staying in a central location, close to a subway station. My rates will be;

30 mins – $100

1 hour – $200

90 mins – $300

2 hours – $400


Now, please be nice and make it worth my while!


And now, please forgive the blog tag pimping. Occupational hazard I’m afraid….


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2 Responses to “Start spreading the news…”

  1. Brandy aka "Kinky" Says:

    Yay! About bloody time. I know you’ve been dying to go for yonks. You’re gonna love New York.
    Do you mind if I drop you a quick email re: some advice on phones in the States?

  2. Miss M Says:

    LOL! I know, I know…I just thought if I book it, thats it, I’m done and it’s for definate! And any advice is ALWAYS welcome, so please, please do send me whatever you can!

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