I just don’t know what to do with myself…

I’ve had yet another sparky idea! Here we go, yet more interaction between you & I! Get Involved!

So I’m going to post some new pictures up, but I’m not quite sure what angle to go for…so I’m leaving it to anyone (if there is anyone) out there who might be reading my blog! I’ve created this handy little poll, and all you need do is click a box! At least, I think thats all you need to do…If it asks you for your mothers maiden name, or sings ‘Daisy Daisy’ at you, I might get a bit suspicious…

Anyway, it’s a bit of fun, so have a go 🙂 Or please feel free to leave a comment with your own suggestion, and I’ll post it up…

(Ok, ok, not all of them are serious. I doubt I could ever compete with the likes of Deirdre! )


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