Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got..

Oh balls… it’s another one of those weeks!

Not sure if you remember, but a couple of months ago, I was having a mini cardiac arrest because my laptop, rear tyre and MP3 player all decided to blow up of their own accord…no sooner have I recovered from an influx of Sheer Bad Luck, than it’s happening all over again!

Optimus Prime (my car) had his first MOT today, and failed on loads of little points, and one big one. Something about the exhaust..holes..suspension..I dunno, it was man talk. So now I have to wait to hear how much the damage will be…

And I came to the flat this morning to find the drains are having issues…not only does the drain by the front door block up when it rains massively – like it has been – but there’s been a burst drain down the there was no water in the kitchen – and only the bathroom had any, as it was stored in a tank! Argh!!! So I had a bath, and had to tell my lovely chap this afternoon to try and be frugal with the shower – not good when it’s so hot and humid outside! Then, as I went to get a cold drink, I saw the water I bought (due to the lack of it coming from the taps) hadn’t refridgerated at all, so was still massively luke warm. There are days, and theres are days… (Fortunately, it came on by the time he had left, so he managed to have two showers…but I wish I’d known!)

And my flatmate decided the best way to defrost a freezer was with a pick axe. So now that is – inevitably – kaput. But it’s strange…as I watched the freeon waver in his hair and spread it’s merry way through the room, I didn’t fuss or panic as is my usual way. I just stood, and leaned back, safe in the secure knowlegde that I just Knew This Would Happen. Fortunately, our landlord is ok about stuff like this, and agreed the fridge was ‘a bit too old’ and was probably ‘on it’s last legs’ so agreed to get a new one.

So, three days of a Free-on smelling flat was fine. Chucking all the food was fine. Cleaning a flooded kitchen because FM hadn’t realised that now the freezer was fucked, it would actually start to defrost of it’s own accord, was fine. It was the saga of Getting a New Fridge which finally broke the camels back….

Landlord takes measurements, landlord chooses a fridge/freezer from said measurements. Landlord consults with FM about said fridge, FM agrees it’ll fit. Landlord buys fridge. FM sends me the details after landlord buys it and arranges a time to be delivered…I point out it looks like Frodo’s minibar with an icetray on top. Yes, it’ll fit in the ‘fridge nook’, because it’s tiny. The fridge was about the size of a half size fridge, possibly a bit smaller, and the freezer on top could’ve fitted in my handbag. Disaster.

When it finally arrives, I can’t bear to look at it. I had deliberately stepped away, and allowed the men to sort this one out..and I get a cold shoebox. Fortunately, FM sees that something has snapped in my tiny little head, calls landlord, I find a bigger, better, more productive sort in the Shiny Argos Catalogue of Love, only £40 more than Satans cooler. Landlord agrees it’ll be better for the flat in general, and FM orders it on wednesday. ‘It’ll be here on Friday’. Oh joy! Rapture! I can have my cold goods again, and stop eating reconstituted-not-quite-chicken-in off-white-sauce from tins, and freeze dried noodles (although I will miss the excuse that we should get another take-away…) So it’s Friday…no fridge. Turns out he meant next Friday.

So we’re fridge/freezerless for two whole weeks. Two weeks in which we have the most massive heatwave, and all I want to so is make frozen smoothies.

Fortunately, I was sent a lovely appointment this afternoon, who took pity on my plight, and showed me a Very Good Time Indeed! Thank you very much Mr P – it is, indeed, the best way to relax! 😉 Err…Sorry about the water…. 🙂


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