Burnin’ like a heatwave..

Have you noticed? Eh? Eh? Have you?

Yep, I pimped my blog!

Ok, ok, not by very much. But considering I’ve only just downloaded photoshop and quickly read up on how to use the damn thing, I don’t think I’m doing too badly! It was one of those niggles that hit me earlier, and hasn’t left my head, so I decided to do something about it at around 2am when I still couldn’t sleep…

I changed the blog name a little while ago after getting some inspiration from the Dresden Dolls, but hadn’t done the header..and now I have! So it’s official. I’m an actual, factual coin-operated girl….as if you didn’t know 😉

I think it’s actually too hot to even sleep. I’ve got my windows open and little air-con thingy working overtime. However, I have just spent a lovely afternoon with some friends in Regents Park, and in a lovely beer garden in Camden…all that was preceded by a lovely mornings ‘work out’, so I ended up having a little snooze in the evening, and now I’m all out of whack!

(And yes, I promise I’ll Twitter more!)


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