In years to come, when someone turns round to me and says ‘Do you remember where you were when you heard Micheal Jackson died?’, I can say – hand on heart – that I’ll never forget. But I doubt they’d believe me. I don’t think I’d even believe myself!

Y’see, Thursday was the last day of the London leg of the Curvy Girl Parties, and what lovely parties they were! Lovely and chilled, relaxed, and everyone had a blast! As you may have guessed, I had two main worries – a) Being left a mere wallflower in the corner and b) 4 hours of constant…erm…action. Well, turns out I need’nt have worried about either. I was quickly whisked away on both days before I could get too nervous and hide in the toilet… So that was a bit of a relief all round!

The flat was lovely, and let in loads of light from the scorching day outside. It was really close to St Pauls, and walking in of a morning was really strange…loads of suited and booted business types running to the office, carrying costa cofffes and coisants, and all I could do was giggle to myself and think ‘You don’t know what we’re doing! he he he!’ And, as Claudia pointed out, there’s something massively decadent and debauched about doing what we were whilst the bells of St Pauls started chiming…

I was amazed how quickly time passed, and I didn’t realise how much energy we must of spent until we cracked open the wine at the end…uh-oh.

Well, several bottles later (we deserved it!) and I was nearly on the floor! One of the best things about the parties is meeting other Ladies of Negotiable Affection from around the country. Everyone’s been a blast 🙂 I’d definitely do it all again…Having fun with the gals and multiple orgasms? I don’t think anyone could argue with that!



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