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So, back to work in earnest (No, thats not the name of a customer…) this week, and what fun it’s been! Starting with an in depth discussion about the cultural relevance and euphnious syphonies of Guns n’ Roses, to the insurance-killing dangers of driving around the Champs-Élysées on a moped.

Not something I’ll be doing in a hurry, I can assure you! At least, not if I want my windcreen mirrors left intact, apparently…

I think a couple of weeks away have done me a lot of good! I can actually stand to talk to people on the phone a bit more now, and have a little more patience with the guys on the other end. Not much though, but you have the eternal stream of timewasters and cock knockers to thank for that! But life is a little easier now all the witheld numbers are just whisked away into the void automatically. Ahhh, such a relief! Also a welcome break I’m sure for British Gas who I had to call today to – ahem- ‘discuss’ my latest gas bill. Instead of the phone being hastily shouted at, sworn down, and inevitably thrown out the window, I kept my cool and managed to sort out our little disagreement. But I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that the lad on the other end was only getting paid £5.40 an hour, was a bit hungover, and could sense that it would be easier to let my details get lost in the system somewhere than actually do anything about it..

God bless £1 a pint student nights!

And the Fat Admirers out there might be pleased, and slightly turned on, with the news that I broke my scales! No heavy handedness required, they just…fizzled away. They’re digital ones, so I tried swapping the batteries, but still nothing. It just gives me a glare and comes up with ‘ERR’ on the display. Which I think means ‘Error’, and not ‘Elephants! Run! Run!’

I’m contemplating a new photo shoot too, and as the spirit of Amanda Palmer seems to have over taken me, I’d love to do a burlesquey one. But even now, as I type it, I wonder ‘Is that just too overdone?’ And could I sound anymore like Carrie Bradshaw?

I might just do one for myself – Oooh! Maybe it could be a Blog Easter Egg! I know a lovely photographer, and I’ve got some ‘costumes’ tucked away…and if it’s not going to be for my main site, then we can just have a bit more fun with it 😀 As a wise man once said, we could ‘Freak-ah-Freestyle!’ it.

And now, I must dash. I’m meeting up with some friends for grilled haloumi goodness and muchos abra-kebabra magic at a lovely Turkish restaurant in Central Finchley. I feel like I haven’t eaten in a month – despite what my scales say! I really need to do some restocking tomorrow and play around with my Nintendo Cooking Guide (Whilst I enjoy cooking it’s never been my greatest strength, hence a good pal took pity on me and bought me the guide as a way to help me fend for myself.) (It’s not as handy or impressive as my takeaway menu collection though) for something easy and nutritious. Don’t worry, I have dominoes on speed dial in case of emergencies.

Tomorrow, I have another real live date! *gasp!* That’ll be my…err…second this year. Considering we’re only half way through 2009, thats not bad! I’m a little dubious though. We’re meeting at a chain pub. And whilst the location is actually quite nice, I know that this particular chain does a certain ‘Curry Club’ on a Thursdays, where one may choose from a variety of Exotic Cuisines, and receive a drink free of charge with your entree. Now, I’m not particularly snobbish about where I eat or drink, but for a first date, I can’t help but think I’m in a loose:loose situation. If he gets a beer & Biryani then I might be looking at a less than tastful snog at the station, and – let’s face it – it’s a little cheap isn’t it?! Maybe a meals not on the cards..it is, after all, a ‘see how we go’ thing. The problem is, I’m pretty much useless at resisting the smell of a cooking korma.Then I’ll look cheap! Good god, there are just soo many pitfalls. No wonder I don’t do this kind of thing very often.

I think the only option is just to with hold all action, and remain my usual chaste self…whilst munching a methighust.



Just had a call as I was posting this entry.

‘Hi, I got your details from your website…can I have some more details please?’

‘Err..Ok..like what?’

‘Like..where you’re based, and what you do..’

‘Oh! You mean all the stuff thats on my website!’

Urge to kill….rising…..


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