I’ll be back…

…from Saturday!

Yes, I’m finally fit and well and ready to tackle the world of..erm…tackle.

Just switched on my phone to see about a billion missed calls, so I’m not sure how *anyone* missed the notices on my website saying I wouldn’t be available. But still, amazingly they managed it! C’est la vie..

I’m going to spend tomorrow having a major pampering session; eyebrows must be plucked, legs waxed, maybe some nice face packs to try and get rid of the ever-so-charming Zombie Look sunken eyes which I always seem to get when I’m run down. (The problem with having nice chubby cheeks is that they make everything else on my face look strangely 2D).
Nails must be cleaned, shaped and spruced (I got very bored, which is dangerous when you have an armoury of nail polish. Suddenly, it seems a brilliant idea to paint each nail a different colour. Oh noo…never, never, never is that a nifty look) sheets must be changed, towels must be washed…etc etc etc. Basically a Fun Shit Day!

If anyone can find this t-shirt in a size 28, please feel free to send it on to me. It’s more than fitting..



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