Tweet me Gently…

Christmas came early!!


Lovehoney must have sensed my desperation, and sent them forth on their speediest stallion!

As well as these, I’ve also managed to resurrect another couple of vibrators with some much needed batteries. Lets hope these ones last! I’m most intrigued about the glass dildo, apparently it can be warmed or cooled for ‘more pleasure’. Think I’ll just leave it at a nice comfortable room temp thanks.

The silver rabbit one is definitely a tad intimidating – especially when it’s on full power. There’s lights on it and all sorts!

However, the one I’m most looking forward to trying is the Vibra Exciter….I think it was featured on Jonathan Ross’ show recently (Film 2009 must be really desperate for viewers…) and it’s given me a bit of an idea!


This little beauty works via text massages. If I receive a text, it’ll buzz away happily for 20 seconds! Obviously it’s not going to be on all the time, it’s more for anyone who fancies a dinner date with a little twist. But, after much fiddling and faffing around, I can get texts from my Twitter account! So I invite one and all, on a certain day, between certain times, to ‘Tweet Me Gently’! Good, innit!

Now, I have no doubt that this will fall flat on it’s face, and will raise about as much interest as a collection of supermarket trolleys. However, those lucky few who do get involved can have the pleasure of…well…my pleasure all to themselves! And it can all be totally anonymous – how thrilling! Oh yes, and its FREE! Theres not many things I get to say that about…but’s totally free, and anyone from anywhere around the world can join in. As long as they’re over 18!

So, for Twitter newbies, this is what you need to do.

1) Sign up to Create your own username and password. They really don’t need all that much information.

2) Go to, cos that’s me, and hit the ‘Follow’ button.

3) You can now send me messages! You can either hit ‘Reply’ on one of my previous comments (which is that little arrow next to the message), or start your message with ‘@MelodyBBW’ or go to the ‘Direct Message’ tab and send me a message. But for the last option, you will have to wait until I’m following you too…

Are you still with me?

4) If you want to Tweet Me Gently on the go, you can also use your mobile phone! Go into settings–>devices and put in your mobile. Use the number they give you to text your message, but remember to start it with @MelodyBBW.

Does that make sense?

Of course, a lot of Twitter is explained on their own page, and probably a lot better than I could ever do it. But it’s just a bit of fun if you fancy something cheeky šŸ˜‰

Soooo…if you would like to Tweet Me Gently..or hard, or soft…depends on how many tweets you send and in what time…then you can do between 1pm-5pm Next Friday (22nd May). I shall be wearing my little device between appointments, and will send back my reaction on Twitter!


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