Another example of how incompetent we, as human beings and supposedly the most evolved species on the planet, must be and need to be nannied and wrapped in cotton wool. As long as it’s a massive corporate entity doing the nannying, and the cotton wool has the preferred sponsors…

I’m unsure what to make of the whole thing. I’d be willing to accept that it was a glitch, and that some numpty on one of the top floors allowed something to happen without a) Really thinking about it, and b) Telling the minimum wagers in customer service who were, I have no doubt, being bombarded and accused of all sorts without actually having a clue of what was going on. But for them to unrank GLBTQ stuff as well as hetro adult literature, but still keep the sex toys and playboy makes the whole thing just bizarre.

I’m not sure what hetrosexual erotica was affected, but certainly pretending that stuff like Lady Chatterleys Lover, or Oranges are not the only fruit – which are deemed un-erotic enough to be studied at colleges and universities – don’t exist is a sure sign that the whole thing is being run by a Monkey called Mr Bobo. Who probably has a small red waistcoat and fez.

See…thing is, sex is everywhere on the internet. It shouldn’t be up to websites to protect our wikkle eyseez from seeing all the norty stuff, it should be up to parents and families. After all, there’s plenty of software out there to help if you just can’t stand sitting with your kids for two minutes whilst they order a book. Probably with your credit card.

For the uninitiated, an Amazon Rank is very important for a writers book to come up when one searches for it. But I’m still trying to figure out when Amazon became the Internet equivalent of my local poundshop. I mean, theres a lot of stuff on there now, and by stuff, I mean shit. Neil Gaiman sums up the process –

I mean, a week ago, a search for “Girl Scout Cookie” on produced sexy costumes, speculums, wolf urine and a Morgan Freeman biography as a result. Now the speculums and Morgan Freeman biography have vanished (although the wolf urine is still there). Obviously, Amazon listings are always in flux…

I think there’s some poetical justice from this though. A major public outcry, protests from blogs, forums, and networking sites form all over the internet, all with links to Craig Seymour, author of ‘All I Could Bare’. Pure Publicity Gold. So if this hasn’t helped shift a few copies, I don’t know what will! Well done, Sir!

I’m also pleased as it totally contradicts Belle De Jour’s latest (and slightly short sighted, considering most of her popularity was thanks to internet inertia) blog entry. Sorry luv, it seems that ‘facebook, twitter et alcan indeed change the world. And more power to them!

But the whole things fixed now, and I doubt there’ll be an apology. But it does mean that stuff like this has emerged.

So as you go out into the world today, be good, be kind, and never Amazon Rank anyone on the first date.



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