Your cunning lingers on….

God bless a man who loves a bit of cunnilingus!

I’ve just watched an episode of the sopranos, and the subject came up in discussion. Basically, in their view, giving head to a gal is a bad thing, and leaves a guy open to mockery and ridicule.


Now, I’ve known guys who just can’t seem to bring themselves to get down there and get going. Which I find bizarre! Fortunately for me, I appear to have fallen in with a crowd who think it’s the greatest thing on Earth, and my heart goes out to the guys who come to me and say that their significant other just wont allow it. It really does make me sad.

I was once one of those girls.

And it was mainly fear. We get fear ingrained into us for so long about what may be lurking in our ‘depths’, that to have someone so close to it seems so…embarrassing! But really, this needs to be tended to and overcome by the age of, say, 21…then you can live your life happily…very happily..and enjoy startlingly good orgasms.

Of course, I don’t mind if someone doesn’t like doing it – there are other ways than this to reach a climax – it’s just that I find it one of the better ways 😉 But there’s certainly no need to go around discouraging such behaviour!


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