Just when he was getting so good..

Well, I’m very pleased with myself – and not only because I unlocked ‘Dragonforce’ on Guitar Hero!

I’ve just finished making a whole bunch of homemade soups (yes, domestic Goddess is on my C.V) ready to take to a friend of mine, who’s on ‘Mush Only’ for the next few days.

I’ve also booked my room and ticket for my Manchester tour, and should be quite comfortable for the short time I’m up there. I’m hoping I’ll find the same standard of Lovely Gents I have in London to keep me Company 😉

As an established london gal, I doubt I’ll do much touring in the future. It seems a lot of hassle, and I’d probably get the same amount of custom as I do in London. But I can only tell once I’m up there to see if the pre-bookings really reflect my business.

So if you’re a northener looking from some XXXlarge, XXXrated company, I’m afraid I’m only going to be there from the 12th-15th April, 2009. I’ve already had to knock a day off cos of a prior commitment. Silly me 😦

I have also decided the next hair colour! I’ve been red for a bit, time to go Black. I haven’t gone really dark since I first started (you can see it on my earlier pictures) and after wading through Coop art, I thought the fat chicks with black hair looked fab.

After all, I’ve gotten to the point where brightly coloured chords are swimming infront of my eyes after trying to play Slayers ‘Raining Blood’, so I have to so something…



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