The beat that my heart skipped…

I am officially fed up of hospitals.

I’ve been to three in just over a week. Last week I had the joy of one down south to see my dad. This week, my friend J was taken in because of an on going illness, and yesterday I had to go to my local for a check-up thing.

I never knew hospital parking was so mental! The only way I found a space in any of them was to stalk someone coming out of the entrance, and follow them (in my car. Subtle) to their parking space because after 20 minutes, I was really tired of driving round, and round, and round…

Poor J has been stuck in their all week. Everyday they say he’s going to have an operation, everyday he’s nil by mouth, and everyday it gets put off for another day. It’s very frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the NHS is a fantastic idea and saves us from the horrendous ordeal of health insurance – anyone who’s seen Sicko will know what I mean. Its just that there are times when you think surely, surely it can all be run just a little bit better. Like when you hear about ones spending thousands on pieces of art, or taking their administration staff on a team building holiday, white water rafting in Colorado.

Yes, Im just having a bit of a whinge and a moan cos I’ve had to read the same issue of Bella from 1996 3 times whilst in various waiting rooms. And I’ve paid a fortune in parking, which I appear to be very lucky to even get! Fortunately, there’s always The Onions views on Medical aid to cheer me up!

So today will be the first time I’m not wafting around some ward somewhere, stinking of disinfectant hand rub. Make use of me whilst you can!

In other news, I learnt the importance of Coolant yesterday, as my engine started to smoke on Holloway Road. (Its a filthy habit. Boom-boom!) Anyway, I finally did all those level checks you’re supposed to do, and I think it was just the coolant that was low. My car actually appears to have had just a couple of careful owners! Very pleasing 🙂

Not so pleasing is Barclays bank telling me I have to pay £6 to replace a pointless piece of satans machinery called a Pin Sentry device. It’s just the most inconvenient lump of plastic on gods green earth, and makes the ‘Easy’ and ‘Hassle Free’ task of checking your internet balance a real bloody nightmare! So later today, I’ll be changing everything over to another bank and I’ll be sure to tell them why! Not that they really care. It’s such a shame we live in a ‘Call-centre’ age. All anyone wants to do is get their £5.50 per hour and leave. I know, cos back in my yoof, I was once one of those people. For about 3 days, I really just didn’t give a toss about the other person on the end of the phone, and it’s clear to see nothings changed. Thank goodness I’m in a much more ethical and morally just career!


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