You’re never fully dressed without a Smile!

I’ve fallen for that phrase over the last few weeks, and I’m trying to find somewhere to fit it in..mainly because I’ve had a lot to smile about over the last week.

Last year, my dad was diagnosed with the Big C, but he made a full recovery and things have been going fine. However, over the weekend he had to go back into hospital. They said it was Sciatica…however, there was a small chance there was something (zoikes!) putting pressure on a vertebrae.

Today, we found out there wasn’t. It was normal sciatica, bought on by too much gardening. (Alas, his green fingers haven’t been passed down it seems…my leeks came under much criticism over the weekend as apparently, size doesmatter! But I still shun the nay-sayers. After all, it’s what you do with them that counts.) But it was lovely to be able to drive down and see him, pick him up, take him to the shops etc. And as he’s a bit of a boy-racer, he showed me a few tips which were never on the driving school syllabus!

This was all preceded by a most enjoyable morning in Canary Wharf, where I got tiddly on Bubbly and managed to visit a friend of mine in the afternoon who’s just moved to the area. Although he’s as massive a geek as I am, so whilst the morning was a decadent, luxurious, full throttled romp, I ended up spending the afternoon watching the very last Battlestar Galactica, and eating tacos. It was a very, very fine day indeed..with plenty of smiles all round!

I have also decided that a little programme for my mobile phone is the best £8.50 I ever, ever spent! It’s blocked all private and withheld numbers from coming through to my phone. However, it keeps a log, and I can also receive voicemails they leave. I looked over the log, and saw that since I installed it a couple of weeks ago, it’s blocked over 80 calls from withheld numbers! Now, you may be thinking that surely some of them must have been serious enquiries, and I’m sure they are…in which case they’ve often left a message (although some still lack the sense to leave a number) asking for me to get back to them so we can make arrangements.

However, for every 1 appointment made, I’m saved the hassle of answering 10 pointless calls. Proven by the various messages left! I’ve recorded several of them, and when I find my Magic Wire, I’ll upload them to my computer. This weeks delights include a speech on global economics, and a Fart. Alas I mistakingly deleted the air biscuit, but as soon as another glorious guff arrives on my voicemail, I shall upload it straightaway for your aural pleasure! It’s things like that which make me glad to be single. All thats left is for someone to hold my head under the duvet…

Speaking of being single, I got actually factually chatted up! At Winchester services no less. So lets picture the romantic scene..My hair, blustered and backcombed from an open window I was too scared to shut due to my fierce grip on the steering wheel, and my heart pounding till I was ready to puke from my first ever drive on a motorway..Yes, I was Venus in a Rover for sure. How could anyone resist such charms?!

Fortunately, I can spot an FA a mile away, and unlike a lot of larger ladies I can appreciate someone trying to make friendly conversation rather than just taking the piss. Escorting really helps to inflate your ego like that! We shared onion rings and mayonnaise as the sun set over the articulated lorry park, and it was nice in that slightly surreal way! I haven’t been chatted up in my personal life for a long time, and it was certainly a good way to get my mind off driving a 2 tonne death machine at 80 miles an hour 😀

And now I’m back in London after seeing the family and surviving motorways, and ready for a large glass of vino whilst watching the delicious Christopher Walken in The Deerhunter. And what do I find in the post? My Oh-ficial Driving License! Complete with a proper foxy picture, of course!

Oh yes…lots of smiles all round!


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