Every sperm is sacred…

Just managed to find this vid on t’net. Needless to say, at around the 3.05 mark is why I love Jon Snow and a bit of cheeky channel 4!


How on earth can the Catholic church say (in a very, VERY abbreviated nutshell) ‘Hey..God wants you to procreate so you can’t use contraception. But people are dying cos they’re having sex, you say? Well..just don’t have sex! Especially in those naughty little countries where rape has become a weapon of war. KTHNXBAI!’

Considering all religions have a knack of saying their particular God is one of Love and Peace, it’s amazing how many people have to die because of them.

Stoopid religion. I’d rather be a Jedi.


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One Response to “Every sperm is sacred…”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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