I drove all night to be with you…

Now, I’m sure you’ve all been on tenterhooks about this…but I’m pleased/relieved/ bloody amazed to tell you that I have..



*Raised upon the shoulders of half naked Chippendale’s, Grace Jones style…*


Thats right people, someone at the DVLA finally gave in to my repeated bribery attempts and gave me my bloody license! I can’t believe it myself 😀 14 minors though, so skin of my teeth stuff. However, as I had to contend with horses coming at me halfway through my turn-in-the-road and broken traffic lights in a most hectic part of Barnet, I think I did alright!

So on Thursday, I was straight onto gumtree for a little runabout that I could drive to get my confidence in and probably trash within a matter of months. As it is, I managed to get a really nice rover! I’m a fan of big cars….As a larger lady, I just hate being cramped into corsas and fiestas, so I’ll gladly wade through the parking nightmares that come with a big car in favour of a bit of comfort! The best thing about it is it has a tape player – ok, ok, not too fantastic as I chucked out all my cassettes from my youth 😦 but it does mean I can get one of those nifty tape style gadgets to hook my mp3 player up to! (How, in this day and age, is it easier to hook a tape deck to an mp3 player than a CD one? Sometimes the old ones are the best…Except when it comes to 8-tracks.)

Now, as my dear old family have been trying to get me to drive for years, I appear to have collected a serious amount of Car Crap. Oh yes, I have gadgets and gizmos a-plenty, oozits and watsits galore. From a ‘Wipe Out’ playing hula girl for my dash board to a bobble headed Jack Skellington for the backshelf. I even have a leopard skin steering wheel cover, and a ‘Buddy Christ‘ for my mirror. Who needs Tim Westwood when my ride is already so very pimped?!

Of course, a celebration was in order! So on Friday, some friends and I had a mexican night! Lots of tacos, tequila, sombreros and silly moustaches to party the night away! Unfortunately, I was booked in for a lovely appointment in the afternoon, and as I came back into the flat I realised the whole place stank of chilli! No amount of Glade would get it out… It just ended up smelling of chilli and fake apples 😦 Sorry G!

So, sorry if anyones tried to get hold of me today…I’m afraid I had far too many tequila shots for any sane thought or energetic movement!

But this does all mean that I can now get further afield and get to places without having to worry about taxi’s or drivers or tubes 😀 Finally, the world is my Oyster! Or at least the part of the world surrounded by the M25….

(I’m doing my first test run to Heathrow tomorrow. I need to pick up a sat-nav and a friend to help me onto the world of the motorway – and Hanger Lane.

Wish Me Luck!)

 Btw, here’s some Coop stuff for anyone who’s curious about BBW art…especially my own particular work-in-progress.

 I love him. He draws pin-up girls how they should be..with proper curves! Strangely, I’m a particular fan of the way he does thighs, even though I’m a boob girl myself 😉 Plus he has them doing some of the most fantastically filthy things!




Coop stuff you can buy me!



It’s so cool to like fat chicks! ;P


(BTW, anyone else watch the Grizzly documentaries on More 4 tonight? Classic bluff by the continuity announcer..’And now ‘Alive’, depicting what happened when father and son got trapped in Grizzly cunt……country..’ Makes me chuckle everytime!)


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