Sit on my face, and tell me that you love me…

I love a bit of face sitting!

Fortunately, I come equiped with plenty of padding, so I can get pretty comfortable in the right position. Problem is, so many people have so many different ideas of how it should happen.

Whilst first researching the facesitting phenomenon, I came across all sorts of images, from girls squating over the face (which I could never pull off in a million years), to just sitting back and getting comfy. Then theres the question of which way round do you go? Knickers on, or off? It really is a minefield out there…after all, a lot of literature on the subject will say that facesitting is knickers on, and queening is knickers off.

However, luckily for me, I have enough junk in the trunk to swiftly smother out any protests which may arise either way 😉

Anywhoo…today I found out that my favourite book of all time has been made into a series of scents! I’m giving much consideration to getting the ‘Buggre alle this Bible’ one, purely because everytime I read that part, it cracks me up!

I’m also very tempted to see if I can get a print or poster of this picture. Whether the artist meant it or not, I think it’s a lovely bit of feeder art! (Sorry for the quality, I tried to track down a picture from the website but the galleries down 😦  so had to take a picture of the magazine instead…)


And now, a sunny sunday afternoon awaits 🙂 After falling into the trap of afternoon drinking yesterday – spurred on by more sunshine, and the promise of a beer garden with some friends. Always a bad idea that leaves you napping the night away!- I’m going to take it easy. I have one bugger of a week coming up, so it may be my last chance to do so…


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