Who needs love, when there’s Law & Order…

Lord above!

I don’t post on forums. It’s just not worth the hassle, and I’ve been on the verge of throwing my laptop out of the window more than once just by reading some idiots view on something totally insignificant.

However, occasionally people like to post a ‘Where can I find a…’ type post. And I’ve been the subject if one such post, which was ever so lovely, and it gives me a warm tingling fuzzy feeling!

And someone posted another one today, which was swiftly overtaken by BBW bashers.

Golly Gosh. I always miss the action..!

However, I like to take a cool, calm, and VERY restrained view on things, and looked at the facts…

I just checked my stats, and whilst 14 posts of vile and vitriol were made (alas, I missed them all. So I hope they all enjoyed wasting their lives away…y’know, what with looking at a post about women they have no interest in, then looking at the sites of women they have no interest in, and venting their spleen about women they have no interest in.)

So..lets say it was a maximum of 14 people making the posts. My stats from this thread alone showed 167 looking at my site. So that’s 153 people who looked, and didn’t feel the need post even *more* BBW bashing crap.

And today has been pretty wild for me!  Now I don’t mind telling you, my daily appointment rate has jumped up a bit! I didn’t have a clue what was getting into people until I *just* got a message telling me to look at said thread – alas I’ve only just arrived as I’ve been terribly, terribly busy.

So I’d just like to place a word of thanks for keeping threads like these in the eyes and minds of those browsing the forums, it’s paid off the latest round of driving lessons in one morning alone!

Really, they’re too good to me!

And no, I’m not that fussed. I’m just moderately surprised it hasn’t happened sooner!! Maybe it would have if they’d known that I’ve just spent a good half hour Bustin’ A Move to – Leader of the Re-belly-on herself, – Amanda Palmer.

(Don’t worry, thread was edited accordingly to exclude the crazies, and now there’s just many more recommendations of busty ladies and a lovely bit of damage control by the boards mod, and Brandy and Sarita to my ego 😉 )



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