Don’t leave me hangin’ on the telephone…


I have regained control of the horizontal & the vertical..!

I panic when my website crashes. As well as the monetary loss, it’s also a loss of control! I tizz out – what’s happening? Why’s it happening? What can I do to stop it happening?? And there’s nothing I can do..cos it’s all ‘out there’, in the big old cloud of teh interwebz. Untouchable, tangible, ethereal interwebz…I can’t just hit it with a hammer and hope that it works!


A good friend of mine has a simple, infallible mantra. ‘Don’t mess with the chi.’

And he’s right! Don’t mess with the chi of the universe, the chi of others, and the chi of yourself. Just chillax, don’t touch, and if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.

Unfortunately, I failed to heed to this warning, and totally messed up the chi of my website with my incessant tinkering!

However, in my forced downtime, I had a bit of an eye opening moment reading Kinky La Rues blog. It’s not unusual for us BBW gals to have clients in common, and unfortunately that includes the ones that can be a pain…

Yesterday, I too had a guy who refused to give me a mobile number. Normally, I point blank refuse. As Kinky points out, there’s no excuse for it in this day and age of cheap mobiles and free sims. It gives us something to anchor to, both for safety and common sense. I mean, what if we were going to be late? or couldn’t show up? We need some way of getting in touch..

Also, there’s no phone boxes around my area, so I’d have to give the address straight away, and there’s every possibility of getting lost. The whole thing is just a pain.

But, as the site was down with nothing I could do about it, I figured I might as well try..

Man Alive, I was on edge! Normally, I’m very relaxed and chilled. No rushing, no worrying, just easy-breezy. But I just couldn’t relax and get into my stride.

I think the excuses put me off too..

‘It’s a work phone’

My answerphone message is very discreet, you wouldn’t know who I was or what I do.

‘I wouldn’t give you the number in case of what you do with it..’

Errr…nothing! Why would I?!

‘I’m married, if I get another phone it might raise questions..’

Actually, I’m amazed you don’t have a personal phone already!

Plus he sounded like he had a little working girl hobby. Surely he’d just find it easier if he had one? Several times during our conversation, the phone ran out of money, leaving me wondering at several points of the day if he was even going to turn up or not.

No, there’s just no excuse good enough. I’m afraid that in this business, you can’t be too careful…and it showed as I just spent the whole time tense and nervous. And as I now suspect we had an encounter with the same guy who rudely left Kinky high & dry, I’m definitely not taking any more ‘phone box’ callers. The amount of trust we have to put into the men we see deserves a little in return…


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