Oh, if I ruled the world….!

So yesterday, I got the chance to give a rare spanking!!

I don’t get to do them very often. I guess it’s because to look at me, I’m all Sweetness & Light! No one would guess the sadistic qualities that lie beneath my soft, cuddly exterior.

Just like the Stay-Puffed Marshmellow Man from Ghostbusters.

Anyway, the client in question has stressed to me how much he wanted a hard hand, and to be spanked as hard as possible.

‘Have you got a hard hand? It looks pretty soft…’

‘Umm…I can be pretty hard.’

‘Really? As hard as possible?’

‘Oh yes, I can do that.’

Well, if your hand gets tired. Use a slipper.’

‘I don’t think I’ll need one. But OK.’

‘I’ve bought a ruler too! Use that. Really really hard.’

‘No problem!’

So the naughty little bugger goes over my knee, protesting he wants it hard, hard, hard!

…..and about 90 seconds later. He gives up! Boooo! I was just getting into my stride!

Perhaps the problem is that I’m stronger than I look. But I’ve got a lot of weight to carry around, so under the soft fluffy bits, is an awful lot of muscle!

I’d love to be able to get my own spanking bench when I get a bit more room, and make a bit more of it. Let my meaner side loose! Unfortunately/ fortunately, he left his ruler behind, so perhaps some other lucky bottom will get to feel my wrath 😉

Trying to pull off mean & sexy at 1am....Fail!

Trying to pull off mean & sexy at 1am....Fail!



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