Someone to watch over me…

Is anyone else wetting their small & frilly pants over this?!

Now, I have to put my hands up and say that I didn’t really enjoy reading ‘Watchmen’ as much as I did other graphic novels, but it’s importance to modern film and literature is now being recognised by people far more smarter than I in universities throughout the UK ( Basically, the thing is that without Watchmen, we wouldnt have the amazing films based on so many comic books as we do today. So no Batman, Iron Man, X-Men, 300 etc. It clawed people back from thinking that comic books consisted of Superman and the Beano) But the film looks like it’s going blow my tiny little mind into the popcorn of the cinema patrons behind me. Probably because the Americans have finally decided to trust in our Lord God of Geekery Alan Moore, and kept it just they way he wrote it.

Anyway, sorry, getting into nerd territory. Sundays are my traditional day of geekdom, so you’ll have to get used to it. Mainly cos it’s the day I catch up with Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Ooooh, my favourite things on TV! Perfect if one might be feeling the fizz from the night before 😉 Well, as long as you don’t get too wound up with the various myths & mysteries. I mean, just what is the black smoke monster? Whats in the temple? Do you trust Charles or Ben? Whats up with Starbuck? Who’s the boxed Cylon? Why does Baltar sometimes get a dodgy Yorkshire accent?!

See what I mean? It’s not for the feint hearted…But here’s some nerd comedy to keep you awake entertained! I think that when it comes to call centres, I’m on the daleks side!

Anyway, you may have been worried about my Leeks. Leeks like those must be given a good send off, as I’m sure you would agree. Fortunately, my friend & ex flatmate Mr Bond came round this morning and gave me a lift to the shops for a slap up Sunday Roast!

It’s been a while since I cooked one, so Mr B got on the spotify DJ duties whilst I peeled, chopped and basted my way through the afternoon. Bit of a retro one as we reminisced about the standard (or lack thereof) of decent music in the early 90’ we ended up with a heady mixture of Haddaway and Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

But the end result was magnificent, if I do say so myself! Made even better by Curse of the Ware Rabbit on BBC3 (because I could listen to Hugh Jackman aaaaall day, no matter how nasty he’s being) and a willing volunteer to do the washing up.

And I got a new phone! As well as all the usual-stuff-I’ll-never-use on it, it’s got a nifty camera which can send pictures directly to teh intarwebz! Check out Miss Pointy Nose (as she checks out my roast chicken)

Insert pussy joke here

Insert pussy joke here

It also comes armed with software which can block those annoying numbers, as well as defer pesky Private Numbers. These are handy beyond beleif, as you can probably guess, this job attracts a lot of fairly bizarre people…

Which reminds me, a couple of crazy ole’ bints have apparently linked to me from their blogs, and society dictates that I should send thanks to hussies like  Kinky La Rue and Helen Taylor. But as I’ve promised I shall only use this power for good, I expect I’ll just give them some Gin and send them on their way.

Heh heh heh heh heh!!!


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4 Responses to “Someone to watch over me…”

  1. Brandy aka "Kinky" Says:

    Oy! I take umbrage at being called “ole”.
    The Watchment trailer does look good doesn’t it?

  2. Miss M Says:

    Yeeeey!!! A comment, a comment! Congratulations on being my first (& only) commentator 🙂

    You’re certainly not ole’ at all, just had to make sure you’re paying attention…LOL! 😀

  3. Miss M Says:

    Oooh, and yeeeesssss….I’m really looking forward to it! Have booked me tickets and raring to go!

  4. Helen T Says:

    I’ll be happy to hold my hands up to both ole and crazy! All in a good way of course.

    And never mind the Mothers Ruin, a glass of your finest Sauvingon Blanc please Madam.

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