You can grow your own way…

Look what I made!!


These, Ladies and Gentlemen, are Baby Leeks. And it turns out they’re the Double Hard Bastard of the vegetable world!

Hidden in my little vegetable patch, these brutes have survived wind, rain, cats and a weeks worth of snow to become fitter, happier, more productive…

I’m especially pleased as earlier this year I only managed a couple of green tomatoes from a wayward sprout (I think I only managed to avoid killing it because I didn’t know what it was. It certainly wasn’t growing in the allocated ‘Tomatoe’ patch. Somehow it had burst free and was mingling with the daffodils!)

What I’m surprised at is the smell. They have the most wonderfully, vegetabally smell and it makes you realise how much these things must be nuked by Sainsbuys to give off practicaly no smell whatsoever.

Yes, I expect I’ll try again this year for a more successful crop. I might even manage a spring onion or two! Then it’s only a matter of time until I get the aga, the pony, and the W.I membership….

Until then, here’s some music thanks to Spotify!

(If you dont have it, it’s kind of like iTunes, only free! Totally legal, it just streams the music direct from the internet. So yeah.. get it for your home/work computer rather than MP3 players. But still, you should totally get it!)



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